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What are these?

G’day all
I’m building a sand and water facility and added some anchor plates to add detail. I have no idea if there are specific names for each of these anchor plates and if there are specific applications for each.

Apologies as they look quite ok from a foot or more distance but up close there’s still some work for me to clean up the 3D printing process.

I’ll upload the stl to Printables and Thingiverse once I’m happy that I can categorise the anchors and uses properly.




NBW or Nut Bolt Washer is the common term used to describe these. They come in a range of sizes from say 1/4" to 6" ( or larger) and every size in-between.

Sometimes the washer is square, sometimes is round, sometimes the nut is square, sometimes the nut is hexagon, sometimes it’s fill in the blank.

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They could also represent the ends of structural truss rods. Truss rods were also used to add strength to buildings. Sometimes the ends had a geometric design, both as an ornament and to spread out the compression.

Best, David Meashey

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Really nice dual water tank Bill!

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I slowed my NBW printing speed down and got less stringing. Im sure they would look better in resin than in filament, but that’s another investment to make.

Here are the pages:

Is there a dedicated 3D page that is more appropriate to publish these links?