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Well...if you are in the market for *really* cheap building kits

then these might be for you. From the dimensions, they seem ‘sort of’ G scale (1/25? 1/30?). $14.99 for the three-pack. Indoor use only, looks like.

Paper Mache House Box Set | Hobby Lobby | 1664200

Cool. My wife picked up a few of these a few summers ago somewhere. My grand kids painted the base colors on a visit here. I cut acrylic to glue behind the window openings and will light them with LEDs. Coincidentally, tonight Marilyn was painting window and door frames. These will go outside in an area that is sheltered from most rain where I also have some other whimsical buildings.


I know cardboard boxes are free, but not to sturdy, I use materials like foam board which is much stronger and can be squared up for a good tight fit. Also many things are shipped in Styrofoam boxes of all sized, these are free also, I save them in the attic for future use someday. Being a modeler first and a train runner second collecting things for modeling is just part of the hobby for me. There is nothing wrong with modeling on the cheap, I do it all the time.

A friend of mine found similar buildings made of tinplate at a craft store. Those buildings were a bit more expensive, but very sturdy. He sprayed them with colors similar to Lionel’s classic standard gauge trains, and used them as part of a standard gauge exhibit.

Best, David Meashey