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Welcome to RCS America - Coming in 2015

I would like to welcome the LSC subscribers to the RCS America forum page. Throughout the year we will have deals on many of our products lines for subscribers to LSC. But my main purpose is to inform and answer any questions that enthusiasts may have about our products.

Coming in 2015: RCS America will be the first company to offer an APP for your Android & iPhones (Android App Released First) to operate your “battery powered” train from a Code 2, Bluetooth device in conjunction with the RailLinx 900 Control System. You will be able to operate up to 40 separate locomotives with a range to 300ft. We are currently finishing the App that will work with all sizes of Phones, iPads & Tablets. We do have a working prototype, but the time it takes for us to test the App over several different applications and products will take up to 3 - 6 months.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to chat with all of you soon!

Rick Isard

RCS America