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Weathered & Graffiti'd box cars

Purchased some graffiti decals from Stan (Cedarleaf Custom Decals) and got out the airbrushes. I finally broke down and bought a new compressor. The one I was using was my grandfathers from the sign shop. It had a 4-digit serial number on it. Amazing how quiet a new one is.

Any way I set up these photos on a module in my shop – The back drop is a printed mill yard photo. I’m reworking it in photoshop to make it a bit better but I’m pretty happy with the overall look. Photo Flood light is the rising sun as Suleski Transportation’s Road Switcher #22, an old U-25B, works a customer early in the morning.

Morning switching work

AML High Cube

Weathered and grafitti'd bax cars

AML B&M box car

will love you…(

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