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Wanted - Ozark parts

Hi guys,
Since Ozark seems to have evaporated (along with my order), I thought I’d try here. I am looking for a pair of 6016 corrugated box car ends for a future project.


Matt, check with Iron Creek Shops. I don’t know if he will have what you are looking for, but he seems to be filling in the void of the lines that have gone away. I have dealt with the owner and had some long conversations with him at the Atlanta NGRC.

Is Oakridge Hobbies still in business? There is a large sale on their webpage. All our suppliers are going belly up. If Ozark Miniatures has gone out of business, that makes about 5 that I regularly purchased from that no longer exist.

Thanks Bob, I’ll give that a shot.

I got a reply asking if they were still in business and the answer was yes they were. Thought you would like to know.

Who Ozark or Oakridge Hobbies ?

Ozark Miniatures, have not heard from Oakridge Hobbies.

Their Facebook page says they’re open until 5pm MT, you can call them at (435) 586-1036.

I have called and left a message, and emailed but only get crickets. It’s been ten weeks.


Cliff, Ozark haven’t responded to phone or emails for more than a year.

I was told that Dave (owner) was sick and his son was fulfilling orders triggered by the new shopify website. I have bought some things - even things not on the website (you can find the old website pages if you google) - that were promptly shipped to me.

But I have not heard anyone say they have got answers to questions.

Sorry guys, I’m way behind.

Bummer about Dave. He’d had some serious back problems, a few years back, but maybe this is a new ailment. Either way, not good news.

From my perspective I will not do business with Ozark again. I ordered about 150.00 dollars worth of freight trucks online. With that I broke my third rule on doing business online…talk to the vendor. The website stated I would be receiving an order confirmation in a day or two. Never received it.

About a week later the CC was tapped for the amount of the order plus shipping. I figured I would receive the order confirmation now that the CC was tapped. NOT. After 2 weeks I sent an email asking for an order confirmation with tracking information considering they had tapped my CC. CRICKETS. A week or so later, another email. Again CRICKETS. By tbe way, it is illegal to charge a CC before the product is shipped.

A week or so later I called and left a message. No return call, no email. I called a second time and left a bit more stern message. I finally got a return call near a week later. Luckily I recognized the area code on the ID, against Federal Law the business did not id correctly.

The content of the call went something like this. Well my dad has been really not well and I am having trouble keeping up. Followed by the COVOD 19 song, followed by bronchitis went trough the house and I just couldn’t keep up. I have been sick in the past and was NEVER to sick to answer a phone or an email…even if they were a couple days late.

After explaining that the level of service provided would definitely not entice me to order again, I was promised it would leave with in two days. It did, but there are others out there that are far better to deal with. Don’t know if the product likes are the same, but unless I have no other option, Ozark will not be my vendor of choice.

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I, for one, don’t understand what is going on here. I have placed 5 or 6 orders with Ozark’s in the last three months and have received them within a few days.
Having said that, I have noticed some castings are not crisp, due to worn out dies. Especially NBW’s.
So I have switched to Iron Creek for most of those parts.
I have an order going out to Ozark’s today for some 7/8 castings.
(edited to say they shipped within hours of ordering)