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Wanted; LGB rolling stock replacement parts

I have an LGB High Sided Gondola numbered 42730, with New York Cental markings. It came to me without the package of grab irons, stirrup steps, and brake wheel/shaft.
I have tried the normal recommended suppliers to try to purchase these parts. The model of car is not new, and LGB has been producing it for many, many years.
None of the sources seemed in any way, interested in supplying the parts, and I spoke nicely to their sales people.
Does anyone know why LGB, simple replacement parts are so hard to purchase ?
Can any DEDICATED LGB modelers/collector help me PLEASE.
Fred Mills

Fred, I found that out many years ago. So I just improvised and added after market add ons.
LGB should have provided those parts as separate sales, but…???


I was able to get a grab iron/coupler package from TrainLi, but that has been quite a few years ago. Don’t know whether they are among the “normal recommended suppliers” list.

Best, David Meashey

Thanks guys…I received a call from Train Li. They say that LGB does not offer any parts for that model of rolling stock any longer… They also said that product is no longer available…no-matter what it is lettered for.
I’m going to go with “Plan B”…trying to see if any of the USTrains replacement grab irons will fit…then there are the stirrup steps…!!!
I can easily replace the brass rod, and brake wheel with what is in my junk box.