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Wanted: lgb 40190

Anyone have one or two of these gathering dust on a shelf?


They are like the Holy Grail of LGB. I have been trying to get more for over a decade. Sometimes the gable-bottomed ore cars get offered as part of a feldbahn set, but not by themselves like the pair I bought at the 1997 GR comvention.

Wishing you lots of luck, David Meashey

So I’m finding out. I’ve had two for ages for a project, and would like two more to complete it. Incredibly hard to find.

Those look small enough to print!

I shop a lot on ebay and when these come up they sell for more then I think they should. Now for myself I’m not interested in these cars, but if I was I would build then from scratch as I’m a modeler, good lock on finding them.

Yea, and I don’t need them operational, so that’s definitely an option if I cant find one. You can still buy the lever details for the end, and the frame is the same on a lot of the LGB ‘Field cars’

I could be wrong, but my fading memory recalls that Accucraft made something similar, I think.

Yes, but probably a different scale.

Might be better to take something like this HOn3 model and scale it up to 1:20…OR, design your own. (This one will need some supports, but I think if you just want smooth sides you could print it without any supports!)

Wow. VERY expensive!

Hey Bob, If you ship me the car I can draw it up for you. I just scratched this up in about 20 mins. If I had the car I’m pretty certain I can make a exact copy. :slightly_smiling_face:

It might come to that, Dan.

I model in HOn3 and one of those scale cars would be about the size of a wheelbarrow in G Scale, well no where close to where it would work out well.

Yea, these are really outsized, but work really well in 7/8ths.

Not really what you are looking for, but I did spot these:

Ebay find, seller has 3