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WANTED Bachman track or?

I am making a little train for my grand nephew. It will be RC and then he can bring it to my house or maybe even club meets.

But I would l Iike for him to have some track for home. Not knowing how serious he will be or mom and dad, I want to put together a sime track plan using the snap together bachmann track that comes in the big hauler sets.

I thought I had a circle of it but must have gotten rid of it.

Does anyone have enough for a circle or oval track I could buy before Christmas?

Devon PM me if no one else closer can help. I’ve got what you need but it is coming from Pa Yours for postage if that helps



Your profile is hidden so I can’t message you. So can you message me and I’ll reply to that.

taken care of and you should have my email

I am no longer in need. Thanks Dave, appreciate it.