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Wanted, Aristo Commonwealth trucks

Hi guys,

I have begun gathering up materials to build one of these bad boys:

Looking for a pair of tender trucks, part number 29134, used would be fine if in good condition.

Thanks for looking!


Are these the same (G.A.L. buckeye trucks.)

Hi Pete,

No, they look like these:



Pete Thornton said:

Are these the same (G.A.L. buckeye trucks.)



I think Roberts Line made Commonwealth trucks but not really sure what size and thinking they may be cast metal. Only throwing this out there as a possible option if you cannot find the Aristos with the part number you originally listed .

I believe Jerry Barnes may be able to answer that about Roberts Lines.

There is also Dave I think he might have a set in 1:20 but not sure …


I have got truck to the Aristo tender, from a fellow in Portland OR, call Noesuch Car & foundry , Mike Robert was his name they where well cast


Noesuch or Nonesuch?


His card reads Nonesuch Car & Foundry Beaverton or [email protected] I don’t know how good his email is couple of year since I order from him


I did some net searching with no results. A couple listing for threads on LSC and MLS, but no useful links.


Here is an possible option. If you can find a Aristo vanderbilt tender with the commonwealth trucks I have a new pair of the two axle tender trucks I will part with. Swap them out and resell the tender. Aristo sold them both ways, so no big deal.

Thanks Paul, it may come to that. I have even considered buying a whole mallet with that tender just to make the swap and sell it off again!

Hi Matt Hutson,

I have a set of new Aristo ART29134 Commonwealth trucks still in the package, let me know if you are interested.

Bob MacGregor in CT

Hi Bob MacGregor,

I sent you a private message.

Thank you,

Hi Matt,

Just sent you a message.

Bob MacGregor in CT

I found some, thank you all.