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WANTED - 3 axle trucks for Aristocraft Heavyweight passenger cars

I’ld like to buy some trucks of this type, mainly the 3-axle ones. If I don’t have enough offers, then I’ll be looking for 2-axle trucks.

I need 6 trucks in total.


Yves Belanger
Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Canada

In the event Aristo 3 axle heavyweight car trucks cannot be obtained, a 3-D printed adapter to mount USA Trains Heavyweight car metal 3 axle trucks to the Aristo Heavyweight can be used; however, these trucks do not accept truck mounted couplers. The adapters are obtainable by contacting Colin Camarillo via his website.
See installation Guide on that website or click:
Replacing Aristo-Craft Heavyweight Passenger Car 2 axle trucks
with USA Trains 3 axle metal trucks using CamPac Truck Mounting Adapter


Thanks Ted for the information.


I hate to say this out loud but I believe I have some of what you are searching for Yves. What are you willing to pay including shipping to Canada… PM me with a realistic offer including shipping to Canada and I will consider it.

Gents, I have found what I was looking for. Big thanks to Rooster for his help on this matter, I really appreciate it!

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I think you should show the forums what you showed me with our PM .
Excellent work!

However you can still whore them cars up even more !

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I have a few, here in Ottawa…and GLX in Smiths Falls makes replacement parts for them…
Call me if you are interested…
Fred Mills (613) 723-1911 [email protected]

Thanks Fred for the offer. I’ll end up buying sone new USA trains Heavyweight truck & wheel R2041 from John at Winona. Here’s the purpose for them, maybe you if not someone else here on LSC might be capable to answer my question (as also suggested by David aka Rooster has mentioned above):

I bought these cars maybe 10 years ago from an gentlemen here in Quebec. They are made of wood, as it can be seen, the trucks can be separated in halves only by removing screws. Wheels are made of plastic, very ugly! That’s why I want to replace them. The body car’s width is 3 7/8’’ ,so they might be 1:32 (or something between 1:29 and 1:32). I’m left HO scale and became an hardcore fan of G scale in 2006. I’m pretty sure these cars are older as I never seen those cars advertise in magazines. Does someone have any idea who have manufactured them? I guess that they were probably kits that require assembly.

Wish you all a great weekend!


I’m pretty sure they look like Ralph Browns work. Which would make them about 1:32.

The third one looks like a regular Aristocraft Heavyweight coach? Reproducing those rivets is very tricky for a scratch builder. (Ask me how I know.)

Just replacing the wheels might solve your problem?

Exactly Pete…then we can get onto other things like HEP cabling and ditch lites along with slamming down (lowering )
then we can black out the windows, add central A/C , slam them tight when coupled on a high speed consist !

However I would like to note Yves worktop which appears to be soapstone ! I love soapstone !!!