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Virtual Drag & Brag?

A few of us who chat were idly wondering if folks would be interested in a virtual (video conferenced) Drag & Brag. As I understand it (having never been able to attend one), the idea is to gather once in a while to socialize while some folks bring some models to share.

Fred Mills and I chatted some more about it and agreed that it might be useful. I have a Google Meet account that I can use that will host as many of us as are likely to show up. All it takes is a browser on your computer, or if you prefer to use your phone there’s an app (look up Google Meet in your phone’s app store, it is free).

It occurred to me that it might be nice to do one fo these around Mik. Have those Mik participants who are willing “bring” their models to a video conference and then we can all ooh and aah over them, and then sling whatever BS we feel like slinging. You can bring a beverage if you like.

So a couple of questions for you all:

  • Anybody up for this?
  • Is Mik an appropriate excuse?
  • If we want to do this, what day and time would work?
  • Does somebody else want to organize this?
  • Is there a different video chat method that is preferred?

Please chime in. If there’s no interest, then no harm, no foul, we’ll just keep chatting amongst our small group at the end of each day, with an occasional video chat thrown in.

If there is interest then maybe we can organize it through this topic.



I think this would be a great idea. I would propose the zoom platform to execute. they do offer a free version but is limited to about 45 minutes. I would think a small donation from everyone would cover the cost. need to get Bob on board to organize.

Al P.

I have access to a paid Zoom account, and I think I will be able to use it for this. What date are we thinking of?

Bob McCown said:

I have access to a paid Zoom account, and I think I will be able to use it for this. What date are we thinking of?

I have a zoom account we can use if yours does not work out…

I think this is a great idea and MIK is as good of an excuse as any. Depending on the initial success (interest) maybe it can become a regularly scheduled event or even monthly, quarterly, etc (

Nice idea guys. I have been doing my book club, and camera club meeting on Zoom, even had my college reunion virtually last October. There have also been virtual train shows as well, as the GSMTS hovers waiting for the pandemic to ease.

One possible idea is two sessions, one a MIK round up when the votes are all in, (I do not know when that date is), another is a clone of the Drag and Brag timed around the ECLSTS event end of March. That event is still in limbo, but in any case we will not be gathering in a hotel room for it, so why not zoom it the same weekend?

Or we could combine them the two of them, depending on level of interest?


I support the Virtual D&B around the same weekend the ECLSTS would be.

I’d be interested, but we need to pick a time frame that works for both the East and West coast folks… Shoot, if I have enough advance notice, I could “borrow” my classroom document camera for a day…

I guess “Time of day” is the first thing to establish, so that most people can get in on it no-matter where they live in North America. To try to please everyone in the World with just one time, would be a major chore.

As for myself…I’m retired, and single, so I can be available just about any time…, and I’ll provide the bheer and whine…!!!

Somebody else can figure out the sodas, coffee, and tea…don’t forget the sugar and cream in “Official” LSC mugs…

Fred Mills

Yeah, time is tricky if we want to include our Hawaii clan.

  • 10:30am Hawaii, 1:30pm Pacific, 4:30pm Eastern?
  • 1:30pm Hawaii, 4:30pm Pacific, 7:30pm Eastern?

Other ideas?

(trying to avoid obvious meal times)

At York, the Drag-b-Brag proper started around 7ish eastern.

thinking more it seems like the 7:30 or so time Eastern is 6:30 for Colorado/Phoenix and 5:30 for Ohio and other Midwest spots.

4:30 Eastern seems to have fewer meal conflicts. But alcohol consumption might need to start early!

One other thing that should be done is to record these sessions for others to view later. I know this doesn’t help decide the time, but will make the content available to more folks.


Ohio is in the eastern time zone so 7:30 eastern is also 7:30 in Ohio. I know its confusing since Ohio is considered to be a mid western state (

I’m not looking to disrupt the flow here but I see continual reference to finding a time that works for all who may possibly get involved. This would definitely be a great goal and would expose all to those whom we only know of in the general forums.

But let me point out that, hopefully, even if that goal isn’t achieved except on occasion the virtual chat would be accessible all hours of the day so any and all members would have access to a virtual drag and brag.

Forget not that we have an excellent modeller in France who shares pics and info on his amazing builds. But, because of his location I doubt that 7:30 EST would be convenient to him. Possibly he would be able to set a time which may be convenient for some here to share with him. And this does not disclude others in Europe and ‘Across the Pond’ from being able to use this convenience to share with us.


Bob McCown said:

At York, the Drag-b-Brag proper started around 7ish eastern.

730 sounds good to me… Would Saturday be better than Friday (the typical day)

There is NO time that is good for everyone.

Bruce Chandler said:

There is NO time that is good for everyone.

That is a true statement! As long as I can schedule it into the calendar I generally can make it work regardless of time. It would be nice to finally put faces/voices to names.

Another “Target” we might put on the agenda, after we establish “TIME”, is the date that might not only please most people, but also retain some “Historical”…hysterical !!..significance…possibly the old dates of the ECLSTS in York…the first weekend in April, or thereabouts.

Remember a bit of the history…the first D&B’s in adjoining hotel rooms, sitting on beds, and the floor, drinking FREE beer from a kind Brewery in Rochester New York…the “J.W.Dundee” Honey Brown era, with its history stemming back to the Garden Railway Convention in Chicago, in 1999…where Ric Golding and others, made great strides helping many long lasting friendships get started.

Then the Ric Golding “Inspired” Timesaver in the Alcove at York, followed by the “Meet & Greet” party on the evening before the first day of the York ECLSC shows.

All of this is history, but the Friendships and SHARING have all continued…so history has a lot to do with the wonderful social part of our great hobby. AND, here we are TODAY…

…Today, where Bob McCown, and LSC, do their best to continue the good things of the past, along with introducing them all to NEW FRIENDS, we all enjoy meeting along the “Large Scale Track”.

The idea and inclusion of the “Drag & Brag” virtual get-together, tied to LSC, and other interested groups, might give us a kick into a more PROGRESSIVE Large Scale Railroading future…we sure aren’t dead yet… just a little bit disorganized…!!! The best promotion is “By word of mouth”…so pass it on to all your friends…

Fred Mills

Well, if you want to go by history (well sort of), the ECLSTS THIS year is actually on March 26 through March 27. Traditionally, the D&B is on the Friday the first date of the show, which in this case would be March 26. However, the show MIGHT actually happen, so we probably don’t want to pick one of those dates. (

I was thinking that perhaps a Saturday would be best as perhaps those that are time zones to the left might be able to attend (since they probably won’t be working). (

I propose we do it the week BEFORE the show to sort of drum up enthusiasm for the coming season! (

In this case, it would be on Saturday, March 20, 7 PM - 10 PM.

Thoughts? (

Thoughts about:

  • Time: I’m still thinking 4:30 eastern works best for all, and might allow our French friend to join at 9:30pm his time
  • Relationship to history/ECLSTS: Though it may be nice to pay homage to the origin, it doesn’t seem to me that these kind of virtual events should ever replace physical ones, but rather augment them. Many of us will never make it to ECLSTS and yet could enjoy a video Drag & Brag. So it might actually be better to avoid the ECLSTS dates were we to make this be annual (or more often). OTOH everything is so higgledypiggledy that it is hard to plan a year ahead and we should seize the day.
  • Date: It might make sense to tie the date more to Mik than to ECLSTS to capitalize on knowing who won, and on the population of new cool models to see. Maybe the Saturday after the Mik winners are announced?
  • Date: I for one would like to make it possible for Devon to join (so not too close to his surgery) and enjoy (so not too long after his surgery). But I don’t know those dates

Anyway, a few thoughts…