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Video editing app

Does anyone have a recommendation for a free video editing app that is simple to use?
Just as I got started using the one from Micro Soft installed on my computer they changed it to an outside source that doesn’t sound like anything I want to be involved with.
So I am looking again.

I’m still using Pinnacle Studio. I upgrade to the latest version every few years. Easy to edit videos on my laptop, plus it will generate a video/slide show from a bunch of vacation pics - automagically.

Thanks Peter, I will give that a look.

I still have Windows Movie Maker on one of my Win 7 laptops and I still love it ! So no help from me Rick!

I really miss Windows Movie Maker…

I’m still using Movie Maker on Windows 10. It changed a bunch and is hard to find, but as of a few years ago could still be downloaded and installed for free.

That is enlightening Jon!
I really need to upgrade that laptop to 10 but feared losing movie maker

That’s the one I use too. Still available, and free. Google search gave me a couple of download options. Not sure if it works on Win 11, but I’m still on 10 as well.


[quote=“Neil_Wiggins, post:8, topic:83531”]
if it works on Win 11

Be warned - lots of things do not work on Win 11. I have a new laptop, and it won’t connect to my old printer [no signed driver, according to Microsoft, what bs,] and I can’t get the old Win 10 laptop to network with my win 11 laptop. They recognize each other but won’t exchange any data,

I keep my old laptop on my desk under the new one, and whenever I want to print, I either email the item or copy it to a usb and turn on the old laptop.
[P.S. I was in the computer business, so I consider all this a LOUSY business decision by MS. I am very annoyed.]

Windows Movie Maker was the best so of course they had to do away with it.

I have been using one called Mini Tool Movie Maker. It was Free for years but then they decided to charge for it. I tried finding another that was a step above putting photos up and a step below what Hollywood uses. I just wanted to make quick 5-10 minute videos with some text thrown in and they all cost money.

I finally bit the bullet, not wanting to learn a new system so I paid the $60 life long, well 3 computer registration for the Mini Tool Movie Maker.

Check it out. I’m putting my latest movie up in the video section next.

Thanks for all the input guys.
I have downloaded a free app called VideoPad but haven’t had a chance to really dig into it yet.
It is supposed to be a good one for the novice but still have some higher capabilities.
We will see.