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Vic Smith Mik 2023 Juan More Taco

Okay I’m in. Mine will be something at one time found in every downtown everywhere in country. Mine will be regional to my proposed layout. It small but aside from repurposing some train wheels, everything will be scratch built. I’m doing a Food Wagon, namely a Taco Cart. The pic doesn’t show much except the multi level walk in set up, Juan More Taco.

Neat Idea, 1905 food truck…

Great idea, one of the first Roach Couches. :grin:

Obligatory badly drawn napkin Sketch

This is SO COOL! Very clever idea. Have fun with it!

What a neat idea, Vic. I don’t know if every downtown has one, but they certainly should. Interested in watching you scratchbuild the motive unit (horse, donkey,etc) :grin:

Luckily I already had the mule, and the figure, and the wheels, otherwise this would be a lot harder to pull off. Às it is everything inside will be scratch.

That is a neat idea. Can I throw a Nutty idea into your plans? What if that Roach Coach was train track ready so Juan More Taco’s could be enjoyed all along the main line? :upside_down_face:

Very cool take on the theme. Very “downtown”.


Progress, the cart body was always going to be the easiest part to build, it’s all the detail ideas that will take time.

Progress so far, looks almost finished but this is just the base. Sifted thru all my stuff and set aside some appropriate detail suff. Not looking forward to figuring out the donkey harness. Long way to go still.

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Not sure if you read the rules or not. You have 30 days to complete it not 30 minutes. :crazy_face:

Its looking great and you are screaming along.

I made a carriage also and had the same concern with making the harness. How does one simulate leather strapping. Someone gave me the idea of using toothpaste tubes and cutting the plastic from them into stripes. I never got around to trying it but seemed reasonable as I guess it is nice and thin but still strong.

Looking great Vic!

But are you changing it to Juaneeda More Taco? :wink:

Devon, so far so good. I consider myself less than halfway finished. The hardest parts yet to come, making all the signage and dealing with the mule parts.

Looks great Vic - nice work!

For signage, you might want to look at Brother P-Touch - works nicely to print signs and works very well with Windows to change fonts and what not. Tapes come in various types - such as black on clear or white on clear, gold on black, etc. I just painted backgrounds to get the look I wanted. They hold up VERY well outside.

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Years ago I used dental floss to simulate leather tack in a 1:32 military project.


Maybe this would simulate reins:

and here’s an assortment of colors:

I’m going to try using some old Lectraset tape I have lying around but I have no idea how it’s going to work. My biggest weakness is that I have no real idea how a harness works. I’m going to watch some videos on YouTube before I try to hook it up. No pics this weekend, got sidetracked bing watching Star Trek Picard Season 2.

The above from this article:

by this gentlemen: