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Veteran's Day Centennial

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War 1. Originally it was called Armistice Day. The name changed in 1938 to Veteran’s Day to make it inclusive of all war time eras. Over the last couple of decades it has come to include everyone who served in uniform even during peacetime as well as civilians who filled a war time role such as the Merchant Marines and Coast Guard.

Whether you served a single enlistment or a lifetime, were drafted or volunteered, saw combat or stood ready to do so; I hope today finds you well.

Here is a great article from the New York Times:

and a video for the “All, who gave some”.

How I spent my Veteran’s Day…

Got up this morning at 0600 and hosted the colors.

Drove down to Albuquerque (stopping at Blake’s for a green-chili cheeseburger for breakfast) and arrived at the Memorial Park just as the gates opened. It was cloudy and cold with a steady breeze blowing. The garrison flag was up and flying above the “Fallen Friends” Monument. Sixty feet of fly by twenty feet of hoist…it takes some air moving to lift it.

A wide variety of historical re-enactors showed up. This is becoming a very popular thing here in NM. Nothing as large as what goes on back east but almost every era is being covered. This year there were three artillery crews with field guns and a lone Texican Confederate soldier from the Civil war.

World War 1 allied forces were well represented. A US Dough Boy, French RMLE Infantry along with a British Tommy and an Italian Mountain Infantry.

In the past we have had re-enactors from all service branches during World War II and Korea. This year the Vietnam war was the most heavily represented with two dozen assorted participants. Most are too young to even be in the military. They are members of JROTC, BSA and CAP. The uniforms and equipment belong to a local collector who dresses out everyone from this era.

Of course we also had the real thing. A group of recruiters representing all four services brought down new recruits. They were sworn in on stage just before the ceremony started. Here is the Army group.

At 1030 hours the antique military vehicle parade arrived. It starts at the VA hospital 3 miles away and comes down Gibson Blvd to the Memorial Park. You never know what will show up. In the past we have had a M8 Greyhound, an M4 Halftrack and a Gamma Goat. Once we even got a M113 on a trailer.

Hmm… How cool would it be if I had a 1965 stratosphere blue Air Force service truck to drive in this. If only I had a friend who was a top notch mechanic to do the restoration. Who could I possibly prevail on.

Well the bell rung, the crowd cheered and the band played “Happy Days Are Here Again” then the cannons fired a volley in salute. I have a video of that and will try to get it edited and uploaded tomorrow.

By noon a storm front began moving in and it was time to head home.

Now back at the Boom-Shack it is already heavy overcast with drizzle. I plan on making stew and working on trains tomorrow.

For my fellow Veterans, God Bless you, for the rest it was an honor to serve this country.

That was quite an event, cool!

The reenactors look good.

A big salute to all my fellow Veterans where ever you reside

That is what they/you looked like back then…