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Very unusual loco

Hi . . . I’ve not been around for a bit. When I “work” ( dirty word ) a few months of the year ( trucking farm products during harvest in northern / central Ca. ) I do deliveries to the Diamond Walnut plant in Stockton. It is interesting as the route to the Diamond Walnut plant entry goes right along the main Rail Yard in Stockton. Occasionally there is something very interesting going on there.

Where did it come from ? Have not idea. But an unusual sight.

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Looks like an EMD FL9

Hi Eric, My guess is the GP unit is dragging the F unit for overhaul or salvage. I thought I might find a picture with those road colors. Close to what the Lackawanna railroad used, no. Then I thought maybe old colors from the Western Pacific because you spotted that in California. I could not find it. Maybe someone else will recognise it.

I believe I found it! Algoma Central, Northern Ontario.


Evidently, Ex Algoma Central FP9’s 1754 and 1751 and being refurbished by Dieselmotive for the Central California Traction Co.,5535791,5535828,nodelay=1

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Wow. That is traffic. I just posted it as a curiosity. Didn’t expect any information to surface.


I believe the FL9 was a special variant that had third rail pick up shoes for use in Grand Central Terminal where only electrics are allowed.

Before the loco was ID’d by Wayne, I thought you might be right since I thought I could see the pick-up shoes at the rear of the trucks.

I went with the FL9 because from the picture it really looked “to me” like it had a 3 axle truck in the rear. Why it would have been out west is beyond me but stranger things have happened. Did you know that the FL9 was the brain child of the Santa Fe?

Nope. And I forgot about the three axle rear truck.

Thanks for the replies. I just saw it as a strange curiosity sitting in the yard in Stockton.