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VanderSpek Estate - Cars, Deltons, LGB White Pass Superset

The Railway Museum of British Columbia (Canada) continues to list for sale the amazing G scale White Pass collection of the late Mr Carl Vanderspek of Burnaby, BC. Carl was a noteable west coast live steamer, White Pass fan and philanthropist; having helped save Train Mountain from bankruptcy among other things. Here is what is still available as of Sept 8, 2021


There is ONE Superset left, #00607 out of 1000 produced, priced at only $575 Canadian / $455 USD plus applicable taxes and shipping. The locomotive used to be Digitrax which failed so it has been converted back to Factory using the original Massoth board integrated with the Dallee sound card. The Caboose has had custom interior lighting added.

DELTON 2-8-0’s:

There were 7 of these classic Delton (Phil Jensen) products, all with unique road numbers, custom weathering with matte paint/rusting/chains and have real coal in the tenders. These have the vertical can motor driving a worm to a central driver.

Available now is Locomotive #22, photos are below. It will soon be listed on the Museum gift shop so check there later.

There are three other Deltons that have yet to be photographed listed.


White Pass Boxcars, Coaches, Ore cars and others are available as well. These are either Mint in the box unused or barely used in the box.

Sales would be processed on the West Coast Rail Association online store per above. Shipping is worldwide via Canada Post, handing off to USPS in the US for example.

Thanks !

Dave Jones

Membership Chair - Greater Van Garden Rail club ([email protected])

National Garden Rail newsletter working committee

BC Railroad Museum volunteer

Heads up, the Delton 2-8-0 White Pass custom weathered locomotive is now listed on the Museum gift shop site: