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V&T's 150th Anniversary Steam Up

In celebration of the Virginia & Truckee RR’s 150th anniversary of completion, the [NSRM]( is throwing a 4-day railroad party:

NSRM has a number of V&T locomotives and rolling stock, but the plan is to bring more in for the event, such as locos & etc. from CSRM, and perhaps others. Maybe the Reno (now in Virginia City) can be helped downhill to the party, who knows. Things are still being planned out.

This will be a once in a lifetime thing it seems, so Linda and I are already making plans to go.

Some of y’all might consider going as well!



Sounds cool, Cliff! And I need to add more characters because posts need to be at least 20 long :slight_smile:

Yes indeed!
And yeah, I have to type this line for the same reason!

Having long been a sort of low-key fan of the V&T, I would like to be able to go to this.
Unless some things in my health dramatically improve it is not likely though.

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