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V&T's 150th Anniversary Steam Up

In celebration of the Virginia & Truckee RR’s 150th anniversary of completion, the [NSRM]( is throwing a 4-day railroad party:

NSRM has a number of V&T locomotives and rolling stock, but the plan is to bring more in for the event, such as locos & etc. from CSRM, and perhaps others. Maybe the Reno (now in Virginia City) can be helped downhill to the party, who knows. Things are still being planned out.

This will be a once in a lifetime thing it seems, so Linda and I are already making plans to go.

Some of y’all might consider going as well!



Sounds cool, Cliff! And I need to add more characters because posts need to be at least 20 long :slight_smile:

Yes indeed!
And yeah, I have to type this line for the same reason!

Having long been a sort of low-key fan of the V&T, I would like to be able to go to this.
Unless some things in my health dramatically improve it is not likely though.

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As of last night, tickets are now available for the “Great Western Steam Up” in Carson City, July 1-4.

Here’s the locomotives being gathered (including several being trucked into town):

I note several of the locos are narrow gauge, whilst (according to my V&T book) the railroad was std gauge. Are they laying extra 3’ track?

FYI: I’m going to meet up with Cliff and Linda at the Steam Up on Saturday July 2, in case others want to join us.

Toot toot!

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Pete, the museum track (which is where these are all being run) is dual-gauge for the greater part.

So, not a huge venue. It’ll be interesting to see ten live steam locos, of such broad variety, running here!

The wye to the right goes on a ways, so that adds to the trip.

Their daily “pageant” (starting at 1:00pm each day) will be interesting!

BTW, it’s sounding like the entire parking lot will be taken up with food and demonstration and shop tents, but there will be shuttles from external parking lots.

Of course, the main V&T train rides (from near Carson to Virginia City) will also be operating; that’s the “long haul” that can also be taken in.

Jim, it’ll be great to see you there!! And for sure, plan some time to go to VC, and maybe take the little excursion between there and Gold Hill, if you don’t have time for the longer trip. We’ll talk!

Cliff, that’s going to be a long train ride from Carson City to Gold Hill. According to Google its over 2,300 miles. If you decide to take it though, let me know as I only live a couple miles away (see map)

:rofl: :joy: :stuck_out_tongue: :crazy_face:

Now THAT’s a train ride!!