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Using Indoor Lamp Posts Outside

Years ago, I put lamp posts on many of my city blocks by using a Model Power O scale Gooseneck that is no longer made.

It was just high enough to be taller than my figures.

But I’ve always wondered about those classic Lionel goosenecks, originally designed for Standard Gauge railroads. They seem like they’d be close enough in scale. I’m guessing the originals were “pot metal” so they’d corrode but not rust.

But the MTH ones are nearly identical and less expensive.

Here’s the question - have ANY of you used these outside, and if so, how did they work out?

they look nice and oldfashioned.

if i were you, i would buy a pair and try it out.

and if they are too short, a (scale)waist-high brick colum could change that.

I would say there ok to use outside, I would put some clear or white silicone around the light bulb to seal it from the socket, not in the socket of obvious reasons. something that you can get off if the bulb needs replacement, plus a coat of paint, the light stands are probably not made of UV protected plastic.



30+ years ago Life Like made a really nice lamp post that used a single AA battery for power. The battery was concealed in the thick part of the post’s base. At 8 3/4 inches tall, I’m sure it would look well beside large scale people. Life Like also made a very nice lower quadrant semaphore that was powered the same way. Both are illustrated below.

These items still tend to show up at train shows, and some are still new-in-the-box old stock. Thought I would show you what they looked like, so that you can commence the hunt once we can have train shows again.

Best wishes, David Meashey

BTW, this is the Model Power 6083 I used on a bunch of my city buildings. The base and lower part of the pole are plastic. The gooseneck and the flange over the lightbulbs is brass. I spraypainted them all green and they looked good for years on end. I glued the bases to the “sidewalks” in front of my buildings.

Model Power #1083

David M.

Yes, I’m quite familiar with that lamp post. It seems a little big for most of my buildings and figures, not to mention that it costs a lot when it turns up these days.

I have bought a bunch of the MTH old-timey lamp posts in the Goose-Neck style and will hopefully be trying them out soon.

MTH 54 Gooseneck Lamp  Die-cast  O Gauge Train image 1

If you know someone that takes insulin the needle caps make a good base for street lamps.
I use a pvc cylinder from the craft store for the pole and a salvaged Christmas street light for the top.
The wiring feeds through the pole and base into a conduit.
If you don’t know anyone that takes insulin I use about a dozen of the caps/needles a week. I can send you some caps.

Reposting the photo; the old one “burned” in the Freight Sheds.

David Meashey

I’m not much on plastic stuff and when it comes to lights I’ve been making my own like this guy on UB Railroad. These would work well outside, but they will not be plug and play and many G scalpers are, I’m a modeler first and build to scale, or somewhat as close as I can get. G scale Making cheap lights for your model buildings ubrailroad - YouTube Watch his videos and you can build many of his builds for outside use.