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Using Hobby Grade Chargers on Commerical Rechargeable AAA Batteries

We bought a cheap battery charger off Amazon to keep our PIKO “Clean Machine,” Diesel Dan, on the rails. The charger is starting to get a bit wonky, and I was wondering if I need to do anything other than get an appropriate plug to place on the battery clip and fitting to hook to our IMAX B6AC Charger? The loco uses six AAA batteries. The charger is rated for multiple battery chemistries, to include the NiMH AAA we use. I know many modern batteries have feedback circuits to prevent overheating / overcharging / fires, which is why I thought I’d ask before trying!



Nothing special about charging NiMH. Your IMAX should be fine in the NiMH mode. You may need to tell it voltage. IIRC, NiMH cells are 1.25V each. In parallel that does not change. In series add 1.25 V. for each cell in series together.

Thanks! I’ll get the appropriate terminals and make this happen!