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Using a terminal block; LGB 5072

I’m relatively new to LGB and I’m struggling to understand wiring terminal blocks. I purchased and LGB 5072 Terminal Block. I’m trying to string all of my lamp-posts together so one switch on the LGB 5180 Switch Control, operates all 7 lamp posts. Can you provide any insight on how to wire the +/- from the lamp post to the terminal block to the Switch control? Any guidance would greatly be appreciated. - Thank you, Jay

Welcome aboard Jay!! I can’t help you with your wiring question but I’m sure you will find the answer from this great group of guys on this site.


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the terminal block is just a big connector, and the terminals 1-12 are connected to form one circuit. Terminals 13-24 are connected to form a second circuit.

By putting all the lamp posts in parallel you could control them from a single switch, but I’m not sure of the amperage of these and the capability of the switch contacts.

Regards, Greg

Since the lamps are incandescent (not LED) you don’t need to worry about polarity (positive and negative). There are two leads on each lamp post. First, wire one post to each terminal. Flip the switch to see if it lights. If it does, you can continue to add lamps in the same way.

You could wire the lamp post in series, (like an old-fashioned Christmas tree string, where if one goes bad, the all go out), but depending on the voltage drop across each lamp, you may run out of volts before you get them all lighted. That’s why I’d go parallel, as Greg suggested.

Keep us informed!

Thank you! Appreciate the input!

You might try to find a copy of the LGB Track Planning and Technical Guide (255 [pages)

by Robert Munzing

Published by Ernst Pual Lehman 1987 ISBN # 3-9800325-3-1

They show up on Amazon and/or Ebay from time to time

also, There may have been an instruction sheet that

originally came with the product… Perhaps on of the members here could email you a copy- Sorry I don’t have one.

In addition Try There is a feature where they’ll notify you if they find what your looking for

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