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Username vs Full Name

I’ve fielded a handful of questions via private message about your username, versus your Full Name, so I figured I’d answer it in a post instead.

You have two ‘names’ according to the system, a username, and a full name. Your username is, among other things, your login name. Your full name is, basically, anything you want it to be, but I suggest your actual name, or a known nickname. Your username is the name the site knows you as, how you log in, and how you can be @-mentioned (@rmccown-admin is me, for example) Your full name is shown next to your username in posts, and is also the name used in chat (more on that in a bit.) If your username and your full name are the same, only one of them will be shown.

Usernames must only include numbers, letters, dashes, dots, and underscores. No space, etc, so you cannot make your username your real name. This is because the system uses your username as a tag of sorts.

You can edit them in your preferences. (Top right menu under your avatar) The only caveat is that chat will not pick up the change until you log out of chat itself (the Log Out Of Chat button in the lower left of the chat window) and then refresh the page. The chat engine saves your name separately from the main LSC site.

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Under the ACCOUNT summary, I am not seeing how to change the ‘username’. There is not a box or link to where a ‘username’ can be changed.
The ‘Name’ field is changeable in the box below the heading.
I have scrolled through all the other Summary topics as well with no place to change ‘username’. The old software (all the way back to 2008 when I joined) the ‘username’ was assigned when you joined the forum (registered) and could not be changed. Is there a new feature which allows the ‘username’ to be changed (even if by the admin)?

Hm, that might be an admin-only thing, but I have change my username in the past. Ill have to look.


It may be that there is a setting that needs to be tweaked to allow user names to be changed:

username change period

This time may be short. I saw a mention of a few days by default…

I forgot to mention that I also have been using my LSC email address to log in to the site. Not sure if that is an ‘Easter Egg’ in the new software, but it wasn’t mentioned.

Well, I carried over whatever your email address was on the old site, so it will work here as well.

This is all good information to have as I’m considering changing my username to Bill.

Bill the Rooster, hmmm, doesn’t really just roll of the tongue.