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USA Trains NW-2 Sideframes Replaced-Now running PROBLEM?

Replaced my sideframes (old ones became brittle from long outdoor use and age-kept breaking), replaced and matched wires to my brand new GP-9 for motor blocks and sideframes—now front truck powers forward, rear truck powers reverse!!!
The 4 red/black wires to truck motor match, and sideframe red/black match GP-9???

Can someone help???
thanks, Bob PAZ NEPA

Reverse the motor wires on one of the motor blocks. Outside pins.


Thanks for the comeback James, corrected the problem…

thank you.
Bob (PAZ)

Hi, Just reverse one pair of the power wires to one truck. You probably have the two trucks out of phase with each other. The polarity to each truck is reversed from the other. Terry Paige, Flint, MI.