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USA Trains Locomotive Lights & Power Issues

Hi all,

I had been running my trains with a MRC 6200 transformer with minimal issues until about three weeks ago when the unit decided to die on me. I pushed it too far by running a Stainz and USA Trains F7 at the same time. Originally I thought it was the transistor, but turns out a diode was dead. Anyways, that is still on the workbench.

In the meantime, I was recommended the “No Frills 10 Amp Track Throttle” by G Scale Graphics. The transformer was very affordable and is a beast. I have yet to run multiple locomotives at once, but it is great.

Anyways, I have two USA Trains: a F7 and a GP7/9. When the “No Frills 10 aM Track Throttle” is simply plugged in, the F7’s running lights and cab light will turn on. However, with the GP7/9 the lights don’t come on until the throttle has about 85% power applied. This has me scratching my head. Even when only the GP7/9 is on the track this happens. Furthermore, when the MRC was being used the GP7/9’s lights were bright with only about 40% power being applied.

Thanks in advance.

Your MRC 6200 puts out straight DC volts. The G Scale Graphics throttle and power supply output is PWM DC. Obviously your GP7/9 doesn’t like PWM power. I suggest you call USA Trains for an answer.

Yep, this was the issue. Thank you. There is a PMW to DC Converter that I am looking into.

USA trains do not like pulse …