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USA Trains Caboose Lights Flickering

Does anyone have experience eliminating the flickering lights on a USA Trains caboose?

Lately the lights have been flickering more and more. When I originally purchased the caboose the lights would flicker minimally. I suspect maybe the metal wheels or bushings could be dirty or the springs that push the bushings are not as powerful anymore, but I have not yet taken the time to work on it as the train is currently set up for the holidays and is running around the house

I know I could get a battery for the two lanterns on the back, but that doesn’t power the interior lights.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.

USA trains lights do not like pulse power ( Aristo TE )
Most likely dirty …

Thanks Sean. I hadn’t thought about pulse power. Will hook up the pulse to linear converter and check it out.

When I asked this about my DC powered ON30 stuff I was told to wire in a capacitor. That way it can smooth out irregular flow of electricity. Don’t know if that helps or is an option. I am shooting from the hip.

I would spray contact cleaner on brush contacting the back side of the wheel, also would clean wheels.
Read on a forum (?) someone suggested the flickering was more original, i.e., compared to kerosine lamps inside the caboose…


For what it is worth based on my experience with LGB and B’mann stuff, it is probably easier to simply get some LEDs, a battery, and some copper tape. We bought a bunch of AA battery clips, LEDs, and the tape, and we have been using them to light all sorts of stuff. I have the soldering skills of a gnu, to give you an idea of the ease of this. Even better, the LEDs draw so little, the batteries achieve near immortality.


Following Eric’s thought, Evan Designs makes LED lights that operate off AA or even coin batteries , with an included switch , I will be finishing a Aristo caboose one of these days to 9v battery power

Lets see if it’s his power supply first …

I run all my passenger cars and cabooses with 9v battery power and 12v LED’s (#3 or #5’s LED’s with resistors) due note, I do add more resistors for a dimmer light affect. I will say, the 9v battery will last a long long time with 3-4 LED’s being powered. I will also say, I run Rail Pro battery power in all my locos, I use no track power what so ever, just took all the fun out of track powered stuff, thanks goodness.


Hey Sean,

I hooked up the pulse to linear converter, but it was still flickering. I used some electrical contact cleaner and a q-tip on the wheels and that got the grime out. Put it back on the track and the flickering had almost completely been resolved and it was operating back in its original state. Thank you for your help.

Hey Pete,
Thanks for this suggestion. I have been looking for a resources like this for some time. Perfect, thanks!

Thanks Trainman. I still just run everything inside during the holidays. I do like the idea of running LEDs from batteries. Thank you for the input.