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USA Beer Can Tank Cars wanted

If there is anyone that has a couple of the USA Beer Can tank cars they want to part with shoot me a message. I am thinking I want two maybe three of them. Road name unimportant.

Devon, with your amazing new modeling skills and your 3d resin printer, don’t you just need a half a six pack for this project?

:crazy_face: :grin:

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I’d have to buy a bigger printer…hmmmm…

I have one. Not sure how this new website works for messaging, but contact me.

I should have known Dan G has already tackled these for 3D printing. So now I can have a fleet of them.

Thanks Dan. They are on his Thingiverse.

[In case anyone else was wondering, I can report it works just like the old website. Click on someone’s name and up pops a message option.]