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USA # 6 switches

I have 5 USA #6 switches on my layout being used as main line cross overs

you can see all 5 in this picture, Sunday I put a loco on the track and it kept stop/start/stop/start through the second one on the left main track, Thinking it wasn’t getting good conductivity I got my scrubby pad and was down on my knees cleaning the frog and all the tracks when to my surprise the smoke of death came out from under the switch. One of the jumper wires was loose one from the little microswitch?? was also loose and the plastic on those wires was melted. I am guessing that microswitch in toast and now is the whole switch junked? I looked at USA website and cannot find any replacements.

Oh and as long as a train takes the diverging route everything is fine on the one that melted and the other one that the loco was crossing in the straight through route. I didn’t test the other inner track ones because I had not cleaned the rails before I ran on that . The very first one was always main line as diverging route. Last time I ran , I thought I was getting some issues but I was running 2 locomotives , so it wasn’t noticeable until I looked close.

Anyway long story but does anyone know of a fix, or a replacement part to fix the Im guessing polarity issue. I run track power if that wasn’t obvious before

and YES I know if I make the switch to battery power then that issue goes away.

and on a sad note , Sadie , the grandkids Chocolate Lab, and track and layout inspector crossed the rainbow bridge about 6 months ago, she is greatly missed by everyone and is now playing with Babs while waiting a LONG time for all of us to cross that bridge too.

I’ve pulled out the micro switch and all the jumpers from several of my outdoor switches and saved all the good parts. I think the micro switches that I kept are OK. Can you post a picture of which wires you need. If I have the parts and they test good, they are yours.

I will get some posted over the weekend Jon, Thanks!!

Mine are Aristo. I think they are identical to the USA, but not sure. Your pics will confirm. Thanks!