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US $136 TX + RX/ESC combo

This is a really good price for a TX-3, 3 channel handpiece + 3 amp RX/ESC with front & Rear lighting outputs and 1 x sound trigger.

Delivered as Low OFF control. Can be easily reset to Centre OFF control.


Sorry, Due to a mistake at the RCS website, I had to change the TX in the deal.

If anyone wants the original deal I will honour it for 1 x week. After that it will be A$178 or US$145

Wisht I lived where YOU do. Looking at pounds for dollars here in yUK.

tac, in ROB [Rip-off Britain]

Tony – this is a complete system then? Receiver and transmitter.

Yes Robbie.

TX, plus combined RX/ESC.

It does not include wiring or other hardware of course.

Invoicing will be in A$ so the actual US$ price will vary a bit depending on the exchange rate on the day.