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Uploading, Pasting or Attaching a Picture Help

Okay. I’ve been trying to figure out this posting a picture on here to no luck what so ever! I’ve searched in forums… to find no answer that works. It’s starting to get frustrating! I’ve ued the cut copy paste method… doesn’t work, Tried the choose file… same doesn’t work. And Attach photo with the same results. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 8… no computer. If someone can help please do.

Thanks Jason

Jason, This may help or it may not. Since I don’t own one of those, I’m not sure how you would do it.

Posting Pictures


Photos CANNOT be placed in posts directly from your local device, no matter what that local device is. Photos must be either uploaded to the Freight Shed here on LSC or on a photo storage site like Photobucket or on your own personal web site storage. I use both the LSC Freight Shed and my own web space. I can help guide you through either of those, but photo storage sites I don’t use.

Also, picture file names CANNOT contain spaces. Use either dashes or underscores for separators.

Bob C.

On other forums, like G Scale Central, posting photos is very simple. At the bottom of the screen, where you are writing your reply, there is a block that says “Attach Files”. When you click on that block it automatically brings up “Finder”. I have a desk top MAC. Once the Finder screen opens you simply highlight the photos you want to upload and click “Choose” at the bottom right corner of the Finder screen. The photos then get uploaded to your post. Why must it be so round about on this forum ?

On the others I have no problem either. Just this one. I’ll keep testing out different ways and see if I can make it work. I am uploading to the Freight Shed. That’s the way I had read to do pictures. Then use that link on the actual picture…but it doesn’t work for me. I appreciate it that Ken keeps fixing them for me.


Double, sorry.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate inserting a photo into a post from Freightsheds. Once complete I will be adding a PDF file for download for those interested.

How to post pictures from Freightshed.

Thanks Bob!

Ohh…ohhh I might have stumbled onto it!! It’s little but it’s a picture.


See post above for link…

Okay Thanks Bob. I’ve tried it…and tried it. Still No luck. When I get to the photo and right click on my phone it’s not asking me to: copy image address link.

Jason, if you like, just call me on the telephone tomorrow and I’ll walk you through it…303-733-4847 and I’ll be at work ten to five mountain time. I’d be happy to help out if I can.

Just testing something. I wanted to see if I copied the image location from the random pictures at the top of the home page if it would show up. It does, and this structure by Bruce is a great one.

Thanks for the help.

when I want to upload a picture that is on my local computer, not in a freight shed or not elsewhere on the internet I

  1. use the reply button (not quick reply)
  2. attach the picture as a file, don’t use the ATTACH PHOTO button.
  3. Save the post, then click on the link in your post to your picture
  4. Copy the link you get and then edit out the junk, and then use that URL and the picture button in the top row of the editor.

Here’s the link you get from attaching a photo as a file:'500x_xkcd_circuit_diagram.jpg'

delete the https: junk ahead of the “real link” and anything after .jpg at the end, i.e. the large print is what you want.

results of using that link for the picture, inserted using the little picture icon at the top row of the editor (the box with the mountain in it, and the sun as a dot in the upper right corner)

Just doing some testing



Try smaller size. like : 640 X480 pics

Both seem rather large files.