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Update on Rockwall Canyon and commuter trains

I’ve added quite a bit of railroad since my last posting on here. This video shows a lot of my recent work and shows off my commuter train action! -Jeff


That black looks GREAT! Well done!

If you’re not going to ballast that track (and I would NOT), I recommend using rolled shingle material to cover the wood - you can get it the same color as your ballast. It holds up pretty well, though it is a pain to cut…


wow you have a eat sprawling layout

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Thanks guys!!
Great idea Bruce! I’ve considered doing the black asphalt but never even considered I could get it to match my bluestone ballast.

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Nice video and layout… Being as I was raised in Mass, love the B&M and MBTA theme…

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Cool video Jeff! Railroad is looking good.

I still have that side dump gondola labeled for RCRR and it gets quite a bit of track time.

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Thanks Andy! Love watching videos of your big open house sessions. Always great to see that B&M influence play out in your own Bluestone scheme!

Thanks Jon! Great to hear you are still making good use of that side dump car. Bachman did such a nice job on that series…I really hope they get those going again some day. I still have the Frisco double door boxcar on the roster, but she is currently in the shop awaiting new metal wheels to better match the body mount couplers recently added! I’m going to give Jason over at TrainDepartment some business for that and a couple other cars that need slightly bigger wheels than the standard Aristo/USA.

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Nicely done…great job on the rdc’s

I personally love it ! Nice work as always !

Thanks Guys!

Sean, I still very much appreciate that RDC you sold me years ago!

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Have you seen recent used pricing on RDCs? Back in the day (but nowhere near the hood) I think I bought my two from Trainworld at ECLSTS for $99 each. Probably sold them for close to $150. Saw one just like I had for $300 on Facebook today.

Hi Jon,
I too, also remember buying a few of my New Havens for $99/ea from Trainworld many years ago. I’ve, thankfully, gathered all I needed prior to covid. Maybe I should consider scratch building some Comet 2’s to replace them??

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