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Update on Ophier on the RGS of NH

as we start to close in on trainops i have been working on updating the base area for Ophier on my railroad.
the old design was a sheet of pink foam 2" thick , with a couple of fit in pieces that never got glued in. the foam has eroded due to UV exposure. further thought on how to expand this came up blank anyway.

So i tore out the main area, including the track and ladder roadbed, and built a secondary deck to support the track and the station, as well as other structures including the tram house (under construction) see all the structures out on the line at trainops.

I still need to mine some more coarse sand for the roads and the platforms, but the station location is firmly positioned by 3/8" square perimeter to locate it.

Al P.


Al, I like it. I wish my layout was outdoor benchwork. I have been working for over a week weeding, realigning track, ballasting etc. Not much fun for a guy my age anymore.