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Update on my figure designing

I have pretty much mastered Makehuman, then moved on to making the resulting STL files as smooth as I can.
I still haven’t even come close to designing my own with Blender, and other slicers.
I will be sending a few test STLs to our local group of 3D printer guys.
After we see the final product, and they pass their test, I can email a file to anyone here who wants one.
The STLs are a huge improvement over the first ones I made.
They will be zipped because they are huge files.
You will have to size and slice the file with your own choice of slicer such as Prusa, etc.
I save them in centimeters.
Here is a rendering.

The guy with the grey hair might be an interesting character to create.

I will say you have it mastered when you can provide me a series of files of 1880s Town folk of men, women, and children in various poses and attire so I dont have too. Cuz I give up. I never thought designing a rail car skyline yarder would be easier than a woman in a dress. But I could design a scale replica of the titanic faster and better than a saloon girl.

Devon, I gave up. I tried about 5 different (free) apps without any good results, and I don’t want to invest big bucks in a program that will have the same outcome.
Maybe I’ll get back in the shop and create more rolling stock and buildings.
Or just get a new hobby and move on.