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Update of my putz 1860's U.S.M.R.R.

The cold snowy weather pushed me back inside for the season, so I am back working on the railroad. I’m primarily modeling the 1860’s U.S. Military Rrd. with a special supply train for the artillery pulled by #40 Gipper American 4-4-0. U.S. Army supply depot workers and citizen workers have a Steam Car passenger transport available.

This is the most recent video, once around showing my progress. It starts at the horse farm, the new barn under construction, through the skeleton of the mountain tunnel, across a gorge and through the woods.

Coming 'round the corner it passes the military material storage depot still needing the platform and a quite few dozen barrels, Wanamaker’s passenger/freight depot, farmhouse, across the Haupt arch truss bridge and back to the grazing pasture.

Enjoy the trip.


Nice indoor layout.

i like the theme and the realisation.
what scale is it?

When I build the buildings, bridge, etc. I use 1:24 to keep it simple.

The cars are mostly 1:22.5 but seem credible with smaller older prototype equipment.

The 4-4-0 is Bachnann’s 1:20.3 as is a Porter, I sneak in the loop on occasion.

I’m not sure what the Combine/ Stream Car scale is, it was a Bachmann.

I’m pretty sure your Porter is the 1:22.5 version (I have three of them).

Joe, the older Porters were 22.5, the newest release is definitely a 1:20.3 per Bachmann. It is quite a bit larger than my first Porter 0-4-0


Like I said, I know the older ones were 1:22.5 (I have three of them).

Here is a clip from your video (best I could get). It shows your Porter. There is no electrical generator behind the stack.

Now here is a comparison photo by Steve Stockham. Notice the generator behind the stack on the larger 1:20.3 Porter?Also notice the bell location.

Yours certainly looks like the 1:22.5 version.

Hey David,

Nice update.

Thanks for sharing.

You are right Joe. I forgot about that little Porter. I bought it for parts for the one I am bashing into a Camelback. It’s just on the track to fill in space. It doesn’t run.

This is like the new 20.3 Porter I have that Dave Funk weathered a bit for me.