Large Scale Central

Upcoming Northeast Large Scale Train Show & Remote Control Systems of New England "Large Scale Live"

LIVE this Sunday February 25th at 7PM Eastern!

We have yet again another amazing Large Scale Live for everyone! We’ll be talking John Sacerdote about the upcoming Northeast Large Scale Train Show and what we can expect when attending this year’s show (taking place April 27 and 28). Don Sweet will be giving us some info on his background, some of the products/services he offers at Remote Control Systems of New England and will be taking a deeper dive into radio control options than we did a few months back including answering viewers questions on the various systems.

We will of course have info on upcoming g scale events, product announcements/updates and other general G scale related news! We’ll also be doing another giveaway to give back to our fans but you’ll need to tune in to find out what it is though. As always we look forward to interacting with everyone during the live stream in the chat and we know you’ll enjoy the show!