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UP Derailment in Iowa 9/5/22

Takes quite a bit of force to breach them tankers.

44 cars , must have been zipping right along.
Saw a UP took a siding and collided with parked cars , killing both crewmen near Salton Sea in Southern California desert😪

That’s going to be an expensive clean-up and fix.

Any word on the cause? Like the guy said asked, did the derail take the bridge out, or did abridge failure cause the derailment?

Ya got that right Jon, huge cleanup… lotta lost lumber & etc…

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Thanks Rooster. Cool stuff, e.g.,

     - Solar-powered controls for the hatches on the ballast cars
     - Massive staging site for repairs
     - Sectional track that looks just like LGB! Except new steel, just like Aristo stainless.
     - Amazing drone footage


[edit] Not sure why my text came out that way, I was trying to make a bullet list