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UP and SP 40's-50's Track Build

Hoping to do major track bed work this summer on my 40’s -50’s UP and SP track
layout. Here are some pictures of what I have done so far.

The Cheyenne depot:

The Cheyenne yards:

Dirt work for the Ogden depot. The tunnels outside the Cheyenne yards visible in the distance:

The Lucin Cutoff Trestle leaving Ogden towards Sacramento:

Clear cut from (future) LA to SF, standing in LA:

Slash cleared,
left side at end of trestle looking at Sacramento,
right side standing at LA, looking towards SF & Sacramento:

I’ll send pics soon of the next section to build, Cheyenne yards to Ogden.

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The path between outside turnaround:

and Ogden is along the side of a steep hill, that typically has a 4-5’ bank of snow on it in the winter.
So big engineering challenge is to build something that wont slide down the hill every Spring.
The right half of the path, red flagged stakes are grade, not necessarily path:

I originally was going to haul in fill plus rocks to stabilize downhill side, but as the total path is over 125’ long I decided that was a no-go :thinking:

So the current plan is to cut a square 1’x1’ flat area every 8’, tamp it, add an inch or so of granite breeze, tamp that down, place a concrete 4x4 post anchor on top. Then a 4-8" 4x4 to grade (-1.5") and run 2x6 with 2x4 sides sections from post to post. For context, these sections would be identical to those I used for the trestle trackbed. Will drill a hole in center of each post anchor and drive a 2-3’ rebar down into the hillside to anchor it.

I think this will survive the snowbank pressure :thinking:


That is quite an impressive plan. What scale? 1/29 or 1/32? In general, where are you located?

That is quite an impressive plan. What scale? 1/29 or 1/32? In general, where are you located?

One scale, ie 1/32, MTH Bigboy and 2 MTH Coastal Daylights (want to buy: 1/32 UP challenger)

High on the east slope of the Continental Divide. I can hear the trains approaching the Moffet tunnel.

I asked about the scale because in the near future I will be selling all my 1/29. Most all of it fits your timeline.

If you are up for a challenging Challenger, there is one with electrical issues for sale in the Facebook G Scale Swap & Shop group.

Hi Steve,
There’s a Challenger for sale here:


That’s WAY too rich for me, especially since I would need to replace the PS2 board with a PS3.