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Union Pacific Dale Creek Trestle

I am curious what the interest might be in a kit for the Dale Creek Trestle, or a modified version “in the spirit” of the original. Prototypical in 1/32 scale would be about 35’ long and over 4’ tall. All of my kits use Mahogany.

Interesting design which will lend interesting views to any layout I’m sure. Unfortunately I’d need to buy the neighboring plot and structure a gully between the two for it to fit in my space. YMMV
Thanks for showing it. :sunglasses:

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I’m not sure what kind of a market there would be for it, but it would be beautiful to see. I can’t imagine what something like that would cost, because I’ve been pricing out a purchase of a similar length bridge myself.

Welcome aboard, Brian. Looks like that would be a beautiful trestle. Do you have a website that provides additional information on your kits?

I’m putting it in the Amtrak market for our scale ('s)