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Ultra small, ultra thin 3 amp ESC

The new Deltang DSM2/DSMX compatible # Rx65b combined Rx/ESC is now available.

3 amps. Max 18 volts. Front and rear lights plus 1 x sound trigger.

Centre OFF or Low OFF.

Just A$69 (US$ 57).

Full details here

I just installed one of these in a USA 44 ton switcher. Great product with excellent low speed control for switching locos. Add that to Tony’s outstanding service and it’s a win all the way around.


Tony, what is the ‘best’ TX that works with this for kids?

Thanks Terry. Glad you like it.


I assume you mean the simplest TX. In which case the TX-3 is the one. It has one sound trigger but cannot program the ESC’s.

The TX-20 is the next one up the scale that can program the ESC’s. It has three sound triggers although the Rx65b has only one sound trigger outlet.

If you wanted more sound functions on the ESC you would need the #ALPHA-3v2 plus the # LT-SW4v2

I opted for the tx-20 for the programming reason. The guy I did the install for will probly want more and this will give him the option to program ESCs if he needs/wants too.


Tony, would these work in an aristocraft PA? Or would I need to move up in ESC size?

Hi Terry.

In short the answer is no.

They are strictly limited to 18 real volts. i.e. not nominal volts. That means you are in practice limited to 14.8 volts to be on the safe side.

Do you mean an AristoCraft FA or the USAT PA? The former is OK with 14.8 volts but the PA’s work best with 18 - 24 volts. You would need to use one of the OMEGA-3v6 ESC’s. They can handle up to 24 real volts and can be supplied to take up to 30 volts.

OK. These already have 14.8 LiIon batteries in them. They have the old aristo train engineer in them and they are failing. I was wondering if they could handle the loco itself with its amp draw? The setup is an ABBA so I assume I could put 1 ESC in each loco and bind them all to the TX?



Hi Terry.


If they are AristoCraft FA1’s then one ESC in each loco should be OK. They must have a 3 amp Polyswitch (supplied) in the motor drive outputs.

Assuming they have the regular PnP sockets I would consider using the # PnP-ADAPT to simplify the installation.

Definitely not if they are USAT PA’s.

I would bind them one at a time rather than all together. Once bound they will respond equally, providing the battery packs are near enough the same voltage.

Yes, they are aristo FA, I always say that wrong. No plug and play they are the older versions.