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Trying to find these links

Trying to find these links but say private or not there

This maybe?

Thanks. That helps. …

One of these years the estate will settle. I did one for a friend, he had it drop shipped to me, took over 4 years. I’d get so tired of looking at it, it would just set. For a while.
RCS, Sierra, simple/compound switch in smokebox front, reworked all 4 sets of valve gear, watching videos of the unit referenced in supplied drawings (as shipped, not even close to functional), ripped out optics, magnets and reeds, TRUE articulated, rear engine secured to frame, pivot and supports built for front, chassis cut, motor/gearbox on lead engine flipped to clear smokebox, Outside Frame 2-8-0 cab, tender, went everywhere he wanted it to go.

If it shows up, you’ll understand the work required to make it as advertised.
Hint: Expansion link needs to rest near vertical, moving equidistant fore and aft.
Check the Meyer (Meyers are both engines pivoting under boiler) and see what it does.

Worked very well. Swore I’d never do another one like that. Shame they put such a large speaker hole in frame, can’t remove saddle tank and cut/trim frame.

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