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truly trippin turntable at Vitznau, Switzerland

Okay, so, who here is going to be the first to scratchbuild one of this truly trippin turntable?

Hint: it sure ain’t gonna be me!

"Remarks & Notes
The rack railroad from Vitznau to the Rigi, opened in 1871 as the first mountain railroad in Europe, already had a turntable with two intersecting rack tracks at the bottom station to enable the connection between the 2 station tracks with the 8 tracks of the depot. Switches are not possible for this due to the local situation. Now, Rigi Bahnen has ordered 6 new double-unit railcars, which are longer than the tracks on the turntable/ the diameter of the turntable. In order to be able to drive from the two station tracks into two of the depot tracks without having to turn the turntable, 3 crossing tracks are now needed, two of which runs in a slight curve. The centerpiece of this technical masterpiece, unique in the world, has now been installed. "

Here’s how it works.

Here’s how it works.