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Truck at Dead River and Lumber C°

I’m creating this post so as not to pollute Jim Rowson’s post. Since you appreciate it, I will introduce it to you. This was my second model which I built in 1986 on the corner of my desk at work during breaks. It is only wood and brass, the frame is mounted with clamps as in reality. Of course, he’s 34 years old and has flaws that I wouldn’t do now. It is not motorized, at the time there was no internet and the supply of parts was not what it is now. I have often thought of motorizing it, but it pains me to dismantle it.He was First Model of Show in Tours in 1986. I give you some pictures, wishing you a good reading and thanking you for your interest

Thanks for more pictures, Jean-Gilles. I’m even more in awe now that I’ve seen it from several angles. Great model!

Very well done Jean-Gilles. You have a keen eye for detail and your weathering is spot on. Thanks for sharing your beautiful model.

Thanks Jim and Dan. Happy new year

Very nicely done, you might create a car behind it that is a pusher car, because that is to wonderful of a model to not see it on the layout.


Thanks Dennis and Ken. I retain the idea of the pusher car