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Triple O

Another one of our members has had a picture of their railroad has appeared in a the final edition of Garden Rail Ways magazine, and not just a picture but a 2 page spread, Nice to see Eric Mueller and gang of the triple “O” make the big time, congratulations to the fine crew of the Hawaiian Triple “O” railroad.Eric's picture in GRW

Nice job Triple O crew and Eric!!! on a collectors item , 2 page spread even !

Great job Eric !

I think Jims shay was in the plant closeup …

Stan Ames had one pic as well

Great work guys…

Mahalo (Thanks) everyone! Renee at GR shocked me with her e-mail the Triple O made the cut, and the “crew” is justifiably proud of our accomplishment. There is little in that picture that doesn’t have one or more sets of their hands in it! There are a couple projects in that picture I hashed out on these pages, too.

I will admit to being saddened our little railroad made it just in time for the sunset issue of the magazine, but I am glad we got to be a part of this last chapter of its 40 year history.


actually that picture is in the magazine 2 times, or a variation of the same shot. So very cool Eric. !!! Its also on top of the contents page.

Pete where is the second picture?

top of contents page

By golly there it is must have looked at it a dozen times and never noticed, thanks, BB

We just got the issue today! The boys were so excited, they immediately took to the lanai to crack on some projects! We are taking this as a “coming of age moment.” I will see if I can find an old photo of what that corner used to look like!