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Tree house build

Thought I would share what I’ve been working on lately instead of trains. We had another baby boy born in May of last year, so hobby stuff has gotten put on the back burner for a while.

My 6-year old asked for a tree house for his birthday. I started this in January, and finished it July 5th. I tried to do mortise & tenon joinery wherever possible. About the time I got the tree house dried in, he decided he wanted a swing and a slide.

Yep, and next he’ll want a Mustang… It never changes(

Somehow, my pictures failed to get included in the original post. I have edited to put them back in.

That’s one fancy sliding board (or pipe)…(

Cool build… (

Love Victorian architecture and especially Gothic …very cool Burl. You gotta do a wrap around porch !

you have lucky children!

Very nice Burl! Will you be offering the 1:29 scale kit? (

That’s a very nicely built treehouse, Good Job!!

Very cool! I do think you need to build a scale model of it. Wow!

Very cool! I do think you need to build a scale model of it. Wow!

Way cool, great job!


Will you be my Daddy?

Yea, I would like that too.

Damn, Burl, you’re something else…good at couplers AND treehouses. Way to go!

What isn’t he good @ ?

Just Beautiful(

Love it Burl!!!

We have a section of woods in our backyard, kids have been asking for a treehouse. You’ve inspired ideas. Did you build it from purchased plans, design it on your own, etc?

Designed it myself. I made some rough drawing in Sketchup, and went from there.