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TrainOps 2023

Hey folks
There will not be a TrainOps this year. Some of you know that Martha and I have been down with COVID since before Memorial day. We’re finally on the upswing, but still not firing on all cylinders. At least we’re testing negative now, but I’m not up to getting the RR in shape for visitors.

Will definitely be a TrainOps next year.

Sorry folks

Bob, Am sorry to hear that you both have covid…
Hope you both recover as soon as possible…

Wow. Glad you are starting to feel better. Looking forward to next year.

Sorry about the covid Bob hope you both get better

Get better soon! So sorry to hear you guys are not up to it!

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Sorry to hear…
If anyone craves for filling in an operating erg…
The IPP&W/OVGRS, in Ottawa, is operating every Saturday morning (Weather permitting) and everyone is invited…just let us know that you are planning on attending.
The “Friends” are always invited to “Invade”.
Fred Mills (613) 723-1911 [email protected]
We all have had our shots for Covid…no threats here…

Thanks guys. Fully vaxxed, and 3 boosters here, and we still managed to pick it up somehow. Ugh.

Sorry to hear you have been sick hope there are no lingering effects. Hope to be around for next years.

Amazing isn’t it. We’re the same and still got it at Xmas.

Please take it easy, Bob, and don’t give this disease an opportunity to boomerang back on you!

I’ve had this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: three times now, once before the vaccines were out and twice since. The vaccines and boosters did lessen the symptoms and shorten the worst of the actual sickness, so I am grateful for them. I wish I could tell you the path from ambulatory to full health was shorter, too, but that was not the case for me.

I recommend “iron horse therapy,” which includes lots of time in the garden with a beverage of your choice, a project on the picnic table, and trains on the track!


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Had it twice and the long term issues for me have been reduced sense of smell and taste.
Bob hope you get out with no long term stuff and back to fun stuff

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