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Trainlife 60% off now

There is still quite a bit of Scratch building styrene and paints left!

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1 oz TruColor for ~$3 is a steal

Most are sold out, unless you want some obscure color.

Al P.

Yep, gotta be quick! I bought 15 jars yesterday and many of those were the last one in stock. :wink:

I was scrolling through the strip styrene selection this morning. Looks to have some decent deals on some of the shapes. I might have to go through my stash and find the ones I’m missing.

Was shipping reasonable?

Buy the time your,you’re,you are done asking questions it could be gone so perhaps the shipping question might be mute anyway?

Probably. Then it was an expense I didn’t need.

I believe shipping was reasonable for me. $20 for 15 jars Tru-Color, 4 cans Tamiya spray paint, 3 bottles of CA, CA activator, 2 packs of styrene ladders and a magazine

So you’re the one who bought out the "G scale " ladders! That was what I was looking for and would have put in order in right away if they had some.

Actually I bought #1 gauge ladders. :sunglasses:

Well I restocked and filled in some gaps in my styrene hoarding problem. Too good of a deal at those prices.

Guess my kids will someday inherit my styrene hoard. :laughing:

Just got some brass and styrene, thanks for the tip Dan.

I received my little stash of brass and styrene sheet today. And I just got the email that remaining items are 80% off now.

There are a few styrene shape types/ sizes available still (I beams, squares, etc.), but not many. Very cheap though if you need those!

I just got my stash as well. Maybe I should look again at what’s missing for 80% off!