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Train Super Sale 2023 - Buyout Update

Exciting Offer for Train Enthusiasts!

To our valued visitors and train collectors, we’re introducing an exclusive opportunity. Instead of waiting for individual offers, I am now offering my entire train collection for a set price of $7,000 in cash due at pickup. This collection is valued at nearly three times the asking price, providing extraordinary value to any serious collector or enthusiast.

Take a look at our website and the link below to view the full collection

Breakdown of the Collection’s Value:

Used Brass Track (982 feet): Valued at $5/foot - Total: $4,910

Brand New Boxed Track: $2,230

106 Unboxed Train Cars & Engines: $6,115

19 Boxed Train Cars: $730

31 Boxed Piko Buildings: $2,475

12 Electronic Controllers & Remotes: $600

Assorted Parts (Including a Train.Li Rail Bender): $729

35 Pre-assembled Bridges & Buildings: $1,500

Total Estimated Value: $19,289

By purchasing the collection at the set price, you would be gaining a vast collection valued at over $19,000, for a fraction of the cost. The catch? The buyer is responsible for picking up on Cape Cod and transportation

For those interested in a detailed view of each item, I’ve provided a Link: Airtable - Broadcast list. This list groups items by category and contains links to ‘worthpoint’ for each item, allowing potential buyers to validate the listed prices.

I believe this collection is a gem for train lovers, and at this price, it’s an unbeatable deal. Reach out to secure this fantastic collection!

This unbeatable deal is only available until October 1st when we will commence the individual piece sale.

I would say to start your individual sale of items now, why wait. Buyers with the cash including myself and at my age probably have all that they need, plus getting rid of model trains is not the easiest to do these days. Lucky you don’t have Lionel as many of the model railroad items that were once of value have hit the bottom in value. Like I told my wife if it comes to disposing of my railroad stuff just give it to the local garden railroad club which I am a member, there a good club and have a club track in both Ft. Worth and Dallas. They can sell it to club members and put the money in the club treasury, or run the stuff on the club tracks for everyone to enjoy. I have no problem in disposing of my railroad that way as my kids and there kids have no interest in model railroading.

I accepted a buyout offer. This sale is concluded. Thank you all for your interest.