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Train Control Systems (TCS) Wow501 and Airwire G3 wiring

Hi guys,
TCS has not bothered to respond to my email, so I thought I’d ask here.
Is this wired correctly?

The red and black wires on the Airwire to the left go to the battery. The two black wires going off of the Wow501 board to the right go to the locomotive motor. Before I put power to this I’d like a second opinion.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t have the answer to this but I wish someone who does would post. I’m curious. Do you use the motor output on the G3 or the WOW.

Thanks for the reply Paul. The motor outputs are on the WOW. I had installed the G3 in my mallet around this time last year and it worked fine, but add sound and…crickets.


Does it run but no sound? I think I would e-mail CVP and TCS and ask them. Wish I could help but I have no experience with WOW.

I don’t use this system but I have a couple wow501. I briefly looked at the G3 documents on the air wire site. Your picture looks like you are trying to control the motor with the wow motor output. This would normally be fine if you were running dcc, but power for the wow looks like it is coming from the G3 dcc booster output. This maybe a problem because the booster output I believe is max 2.5 amps. I get the impression the booster output may just be used for the dcc to sound decoder only. You might want to power the motor from the G3 motor outputs and the wow sound from the G3 dcc booster. I don’t think the G3 booster output can support both the wow 501 & motor load. Just trying to help.
Hopefully some experienced reader will follow up.
Steve M.

Makes sense Steve. That is also my thinking but wasn’t able to document it.

Thank you all for the replies. I emailed TCS over two weeks ago but they haven’t bothered to reply.
I wired the system per Steve’s suggestion. The locomotive runs but I get no sound.Sigh.

Did you press F8 to unmute the sound?

On a WOW does the address need to be set for it to get sound?

I read on the airwire site they need to be set to the same address. Check the CVP Products site at
On the CVP site look to the left border, click on “Document Center”. Now scroll down to the bottom and click on ”The G3 Decoder Users Guide rev-18 obsolete” on page 36 they show a generic sound decoder connection and setup instructions. I think this is you best bet until you hear back from the manufacturer.
Hope this helps.
Steve M.