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Traction Tire Size for LGB 20542 Aster Hudson Steamer

Someone asked me what size traction tire to use on their LGB 20542 Aster Hudson #71 Steamer. I found the locomotive’s User Guide online, and believe it or not, it doesn’t mention the traction tire in the list of common repair parts like the light bulbs, etc. All the LGB locomotive user guides I’ve seen always list the traction tire in the list of common replacement parts. What an oversight! Anyway, I am guessing that the locomotive’s large wheels requires the 54mm traction tires which are also used on the Mikado steamers. Can someone verify for me to use the 54mm traction tires for the Hudson? The LGB Part # for the 52mm tires is E136259.


Tom - I reported this to Bob as a duplicate and he will probably remove it.

Pete - No problem, whatever suites, as they say!

What’s a traction tire ? The wheel rubber band ?

Rooster, the technical term is traction tire which is installed onto a traction wheel. It’s not called a rubber band although it looks like one.