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Track expansion

Well , after our pool was remodeled, the landowner/wife gave permission to my long needed reverse loop. After measuring and checking grades I confirmed it is doable and not under my required 10’ curve limitations.

From the top left the track will go east( left to right in the drawing) around the pool pump and connect back to the main line, with the switch that is shown as a siding and A&E sand so I can either reverse direction or continue in same direction

This is the hidden area where trains will have 2 choices on which way to go. About where the gap between the 2 planters is where the choice between going same way or reversing will be. Trains will be close to the wall and mostly out of sight for this part of the journey

Behind the bush on the left is the second switch, trains will go straight or turn and come in front of the huge Lantana. The lantana is a volunteer that has claimed that area. I have already been doing trimming on this huge bush behind it to confirm trains will fit with room to spare, since I can fit halfway in from the right. The grade should be less than a 1.5% drop as it goes down behind the pool pump

This should be the next image, guess I loaded them wrong, you can see the switch which will serve the new trackwork. another switch just out of view behind the blue building will be the other connection to the existing trackwork

The hole in the wall was a head sctratcher for me , no room the go past the whole pool so I had to figure a way to go through it. 2 36" pieces of 1/4" X 3/16" steel provides a base to the tunnel and supports these heavy blocks, I think they are 16Lbs each. The track will NOT be on the pool, that was a requirement.

The club I belong to has a yearly auction and I scored this 94" steel bridge for a pretty reasonable price the name welded on the bottom says 2003

2 cans of black spray paint later and i think it will stand out a little better than the silver it was originally

finally a picture of the position of the bridge. If you look at the pictures 2,3 & 5 the imitation stone blocks will be the base for the bridge abutments. I still have to figure out a bridge piece for the rest of the way for the track to connect back to the line , some bridge work will be forthcoming as things progress, maybe a lift out section . as i need access to get to the pool poump and things back there


I have to admit that was a bit tough to follow but I enjoyed your picture. Looks like a very fun layout with continuous running as well as industry to service and switch

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But I think a floating bridge across the pool would be awesome

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as long as it is for someone elses expensive trains - yes.

A tug with a barge even better … :kissing:

Nice Pete. It looks like that bit of dirt was begging for some tracks to run through it.


Yeah for some reason the pictures didn’t load like I wanted them to, my apologies, pictures from my phone then to the computer to do the text for the pictures. Maybe I should just do a picture at a time and them the rest in the comments , might edit it that way , but unlike you I’m computer and cell phone savvy.
And to think you want me to get a 3D printer!!!

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That bridge is beautiful!
Just a note, I painted mine and it didn’t last real long. So I wire brushed it and coated it with truck bed liner paint in a spray can. It went through the first year and looks good so far. I’ll have to see if it lasts longer than the regular black spray paint that was stock.

Thanks , they said it , and the other bridges they sold were all Eagle Wings Ironcraft bridges which are made here in the Phoenix area, and are well made. This has the date of 2003 underneath, and at some of the tight spots there was a tiny bit of rusting so while I doubt it is original paint, it should hold up in my dry climate

Yeah, my original plan was direct on the ground, and all the way around the pool, but the idea was to raise it up some so I wouldn’t be on hands and knees as much, but that never happened. I am still on hands and knees and could have save all the landscaping , grass and the cost of the dirt and blocks that raise every in the 18 “ it is now. Oh well live and learn

Got some more work done, Bridge is pretty much in its permanent home, the blocks holding everything up will eventually get adhesive’ed in place, but for now they are sitting there.

That is looking so cool, Pete…

Maybe consider some floating track extensions!

OK, just kidding…

Yeah I think the large diesels I run wouldn’t fare well on that idea!
Would be fun to run some cheap stuff on that. Once!

You bet, cheap diesels, pools, track, other guys do that. This dude though has WAAAAY-HAAAY-HAAY too much $ and T on his hands… Do don’t do this.

OK, I apologize again for going off topic…

Pete, your track plan looks awesome!!!

Where’s the pool in the plan again?

Off limits , Cliff! LOL !
The track must stay away from the pool and the last picture shows how close I am authorized to be to her pool!

Doing some more work on the expansion, usually a couple of hours in the morning before it gets hot.

Got my clearance checker out, the Dash9 and The intermodal are largest things I own, while there could be a skoosh( my mom’s word) more clearance everything fits right but tight.

Now the real fun starts , making my way around the pool pump , not a lot of room, hindsight is 20/20 and I see now I should have taken that whole wall down , did the work back there then placed everything back together.
There are 2 thick 2”w by3/16thick 36” pieces of steel holding the opening up, and it’s all been “glued” together with block adhesive, so it should be fine, even though it is sagging a little bit.
BTW the backwash line that is right where track is heading was put in several years ago, when the pool guy said he was going to do it I asked him to NOT put it next to the wall because of plans for this expansion. Instead of moving it and making it a bunch of elbows to get it out of the way I am trying to work around it! Again tight clearances , but so far nothing I have rolled past is touching so good to go… so far

You might need a bigger one … :kissing:

That’s looking great Pete. And while I like the idea of the bridge going across the pool ( :crazy_face:) I can understand the reservation.

But in seriousness what are you doing with this area

If you said I missed it. But that yells at me to have a very small reasonable “river” under the bridge. If it is as close to the pool plumbing as I am thinking, a Tee and a valve off the pump return line could make for a small diversion that could make a river that then cascades into the pool.