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Tool Man at York

Does anyone have the address, website or phone number for The Tool Man that was always at the ECLSTS in York.

I always got things like grinding disc and cut off wheels from him and I’m running out.

I need a 2 inch disc with a 1/4 inch hole in it marked A60 or A80, can’t quite read it. Does anyone have a source? I have tried looking it up on Google and Amazon Prime, but I’m not putting in the right info.


Thanks in advance for any help given.

Darn, my tool man has a lousy site. Better luck.


I am fairly certain it is B&B Hobby Supplies

701 Mill Street

Bridgeville, PA 15017



Thank you.

Man, you don’t know what you had until its gone. Over the years bought a lot of stuff from them.

I found a source on Amazon Prime, had to go with the 3/8 inch arbor, but shipping is free and I’ll have them Tuesday.

The World continues to change.


If the Time Machine in “Back to the Future” ever comes true. DON’T PICK 2020. (

Paul is correct. I spent a lot of time, and money, in Bill’s store before he closed his store. Now he just does various train shows.

Once again, thank you guys. Just contacted Bill and he does have the grinding disc I need. As I’ve said, this site is the best.


Did not see your post soon enough I will second and third what a good guy Bill is. I saw him at Cabin Fever every year, and did ask him to come to ECLSTS

He would loan me tools, as I needed to fix my ailing live steamers on a regular basis, and would get in tools I needed like the mini allen wrenches he now has.

Also shows up at the big Timonium train shows, which I hope to see again some day. Glad we have a vendor like him for the hobby


Thanks I’ve missed him also(

The Tool Man and his wife used to come to train shows on the Left Coast but we haven’t seen him in a dozen or more years. He put an awful lot of miles on that RV. Even though I have three or four Dremels around, the Minicraft motor tool I bought from him 25 years ago is still my “go to” grinder.