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Today's Double-Header Project Video

Jack wanted 2 locos pulling his 20+ circus cars. He had already converted the rear tender to Revolution and battery, so my job was to run the power line from the rear engine motor to the front, through the other tender. The front loco has the same connector as the rear loco, so either can use the battery tender. I also removed the cow-catcher and added a coupler to the second pilot.

Interestingly, the rear engine has a 5th Gen Anniversary chassis - I guess someone switched it. The pilot truck has a BBT-style pivot bar, but not a BBT pilot truck, which were different (or so George Schreyer’s site indicates.) Curiously some of the body parts are metal, like the whistle on the steam dome. Jack has a solid metal stack, taller than the ones with the cap in this video, and I suspect that was on this loco when he got it. Should last a bit longer than the average Circus ten-wheeler!